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Computer Repair
Electronics do fail, and when they fail you need the best and fastest service. Our skilled technicians diagnose and repair your computer within extremely timely fashion, on average 24hour.

We can solve your problems with:
- removal of spyware and virus infection
- repair operating system issues
- pinpoint of cause of system crashes, lockups
- removal of clutter, optimization of the system
- complete reinstall and optimization (faster then when you got it new)
- install new printers/scanners/cameras
- install new software or update to current versions

We also will:
- resurrect computers from hardware failure
- repair lose/broken laptop power adapters
- replace broken LCD screens
Data Recovery
Nowadays, we store all important information on our computers; banking statements, pictures of loved ones, company quarterly reports, everything and anything that means a lot to us. Large number of people forget that there might be a slight possibility that the electronic devices might give up on us and do not back up the data on separate storage mediums.

So what do you do if your computer will crash, hard drive will give out, or "your mouse will eat your homework"? We can rescue large number of cases in which customer have acted swiftly and brought the devices to us on the first sign of failure. Trying to retrieve the data yourself might lower the probability of success.

In the most cases, the problem is in mechanical part working incorrectly or system failure to write data to proper places. We can help you get your information back. We can replace the faulty part, we can read the information on the hard drive with specialized software and if the problem would get over our heads, we are good friends with manufacturers who have special rooms to fix important data.

But do not come only when the worst comes, come to the store and we can teach you how to properly back up your data, which data to back up, to you wont need us when it really happens.
System Upgrade
You got to the point where you think that your computer is not fulfilling your needs but you believe that is not time yet to spend lots of money to get a new one? Running out of storage place? Want to burn movies but no DVD burner? Computer is slow, maybe just needs little boost?

We can easily:
- increase your storage space
- speed up your processor
- install DVD burners, graphic cards, sound cards
- upgrade your memory