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Brand Name Desktop/Laptops
We carry large assortment of brand name computers; from DELL, HP, TOSHIBA, SONY, ACER, COMPAQ, GATEWAY, etc. Our selection ranges from the entry level computers to high end systems. If you have your heart set on specific model and we don't have it in stock, we can always get it for you.

Our desktop selection can satisfy regular internet goer or even hard core gamer. If you are not sure which computer to get, just ask us and we will recommend a system which will fulfill the requirements and cover the bases of further expansion.

In today's world everyone is loosing cords and going wirelessly. So, if you need just extra space on your desk or true mobility, we have laptops of all kinds. From ultra light weights that can be lifted with two fingers, to real desktop replacements. The only thing you need to do is to come and select which one is suiting your the most.
Custom Built Computers
If you are in specialized field, or need to run specific application, the regular brand name computers do not provide you with the capability to utilize the power required. That is why we offer our customers customized computers. We can built computers to perform specific task or to certain specifications.
Graphical workstations, gaming rigs, LAN party computers, or Home Theater PCs. We use high quality parts, fully compatible with the environment you will be running the system on.
Refurbished Laptops/Trade Ins
Is your laptop's power insufficient, but you don't have enough money to buy a brand new one? Do you have old laptop laying around and would like to upgrade it to the newest technology?

Then bring your old laptop in, regardless if its working or not you trade it in. We estimate the value of your laptop and apply the credit towards the one you pick from our selection.

Over last couple of years, the price of laptop computers have fallen down to more affordable levels. But still some of the newest laptops come at steap price. Our selection not only includes brand new laptops, but also large assortment of refurbished/used. If you dont mind that it might have a nick here or there, you can end up with nice system for a really reasonable price.